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Sports Poster of "The Slavutich Shato Brewery" (22.04 - 27.04)

Sports Poster of "The Slavutich Shato Brewery" ...

[ Kyiv, Restaurant Brewery Slavutych Shato Pyvovarnya / 22.04.2014 ]
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Restaurants news

Banquet menu in eco-restaurant "Batkivska Hata"!

Eco-restaurant "Batkivska Hata" is the best place to celebrate the most important events in your life and in your company’s life. ...

[ Kyiv, Eco restaurant Batkivs'ka Khata / 11.12.2013 ]

Christmas menu in GOODMAN!

Divide the happy anticipation of the Christmas holidays and the miracle with steak house GOODMAN! ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 06.12.2013 ]

Happy childhood in GOODMAN

Childhood is a time of carefree happiness and joy, time of magic, when the yellow color is bright yellow, when your cat is older than you, when the trees are living giants, and you can reach the moon by the touch of hand. ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 28.08.2013 ]

Savior of the Apple Feast Day in GOODMAN

Sweetness. A sign of dignity and synonym of pleasure. Ripe fruit, dessert - everything that brings pleasure people called sweet. ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 16.08.2013 ]
Summer areas

Opening terraces "Forest Lake" in Grand Admiral Club

Dear Friends, We are happy to inform you that our renewed forest lake summer terrace is open starting from April 5th. ...

[ Kyiv, Country restaurant&hotel complex Grand Admiral Club / 07.04.2014 ]
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May 31 at the restaurant Mafia started the project "Open Doors".  

"Open Doors" - a unique opportunity for everyone to look behind the scenes of the restaurant to see his life from the inside, to know what products are used for cooking Italian and Japanese dishes, and get acquainted with the sanitary norms. ...

[ Restaurant Mafia / 01.06.2012 ]

Master-class from Kevin Pani in The Strand Grill  

In the recent five-star Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv held a master class from Kevin Pani - hotel chef baking and pastry. ...

[ Kyiv, Grill-restaurant The Strand Grill / 19.04.2012 ]
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Lunches & Breakfasts proposals

Business lunch in GOODMAN

In a big city lunch break is a great time for business meetings. If you need to make a deal or negotiate, why not invite your business partner for a lunch? ...

[ Steak house Goodman / 12.09.2013 ]
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News of site

Faster, higher, tastier: Olympic games in GOODMAN

The Winter Olympics in Sochi are approaching. ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 03.02.2014 ]
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    Kyiv, Delivery service

Latest comments
Andzhey Veremyuk
[05.04.2014 21:04]

Delicious Dinner

We had really delicious dinner in Linas! Specially meat from grill (beef and chicken shasliks) were ...



[28.10.2013 21:10]

Excellent restaurant

On the 23th of October the first lesson of Floral Design for IWCK members from Iryna VYkhristenko took ...


Restaurant Brewery

[15.10.2013 18:52]

Nice art on the walls

Pictures of nice naked fat guys hang on the wall :)

P.S. This is great place to spend time ...

5 rooms


[09.06.2013 16:36]

Blinoff Obolonе

La première fois, j'étais à Kiev!
Juste un tas d'impressions. Mais c'est très cool qui est arrivé à ...


Chain оf restaurant

[30.05.2013 16:34]

Like it!

La Forchetta - it's as if you sit at the trattoria in Italy. You can guess it in the details of interior, ...

La Forchetta


[21.04.2013 16:14]

orrible smell

bad,we were sitting with the idea of doing a great Italian dinner. But after a few minutes we have begun ...

La Forchetta


Atilla Malas
[06.01.2013 13:32]

Very Good

Thanks for the polite quality service and delicious food. After a long driving experience from Poland ...

Bazaar Brasserie


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