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01.06.2012  Restaurant Mafia

May 31 at the restaurant Mafia started the project "Open Doors".


"Open Doors" - a unique opportunity for everyone to look behind the scenes of the restaurant to see his life from the inside, to know what products are used for cooking Italian and Japanese dishes, and get acquainted with the sanitary norms.

The restaurant has hosted Mafia pevogo day the project is very hospitable, before to familiarize all with the heart of institutions, the director of Victoria Agapov told many interesting facts about the Italian and Japanese cuisine, and also spoke about the Mafia network in Ukraine, on the brand and service.

Tour began with a special outfit suits, brand network chief Anatoly Panchenko has shown every corner of the restaurant's technical, from the warehouse estates hot and cold finishing shop in the kitchen.

Restaurant Mafia keeps all the rooms and the staff in its purest form, all the sanitary standards of hygiene are kept, all employees are neat, organized work area and clean.

After the tour, guests were treating those dishes for which they could observe in the kitchen. Restaurant Mafia, showed an excellent level of service, the guests were happy, pleasant and educated, of course, are full.

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