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Christmas menu from the "The Slavutych Shato Brewery"

Team of "The Slavutich Shato Brewery" congratulates all with New Year holidays! ...

[ Kyiv, Restaurant&Brewery Shato Robert Doms / 30.12.2014 ]

GOODMAN wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear GOODMAN’s friends! We heartily congratulate you on upcoming New Year and Christmas! ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 26.12.2014 ]

Breakfast with Matvey Ganapolsky in "The Slavutich Shato Brewery"

On 8 September leading " Radio Vesti " Matvey Ganapolsky and Paul Novikov change locations and will be aired from the city center. ...

[ Kyiv, Restaurant&Brewery Shato Robert Doms / 08.09.2014 ]

Burger’s Birthday in GOODMAN

From 20 till 31 July GOODMAN steak house will celebrate the 114th birthday of burger. ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 21.07.2014 ]

GOODMAN is the best again!

GOODMAN steak house received the prestigious Certificate of Quality «Winner 2014» from the largest Internet portal for travellers - TripAdvisor. ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 15.07.2014 ]

Win a trip for Formula 1 from "The Slavutich Shato Brewery"

Speed, excitement, thrill ...... it's all about you? ...

[ Kyiv, Restaurant&Brewery Shato Robert Doms / 17.06.2014 ]

"Slavutich Shato Brewery" - one of the best restaurants in town!

Restaurant "Center Chateau Brewery" awarded 2014 quality certificate from TripAdvizor! ...

[ Kyiv, Restaurant&Brewery Shato Robert Doms / 22.05.2014 ]

New Chicken burger in GOODMAN!

For connoisseurs of "right burger " GOODMAN steak house presents a new hit of the season - Chicken burger! ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 14.05.2014 ]

Celebration of Victory Day in GOODMAN (09.05)

Steak house GOODMAN heartily congratulates you on the day of courage, valor and honor - the Victory Day! ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 08.05.2014 ]

The real fun only in GOODMAN (01.04)

April Fool's Day - is not just a day when everyone is trying to play tricks, but also a great reason to go to a restaurant, to laugh and amuse their friends and family. ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 27.03.2014 ]

Banquet menu in eco-restaurant "Batkivska Hata"!

Eco-restaurant "Batkivska Hata" is the best place to celebrate the most important events in your life and in your company’s life. ...

[ Kyiv, Eсo-restaurant Batkivs'ka Khata / 11.12.2013 ]

Christmas menu in GOODMAN!

Divide the happy anticipation of the Christmas holidays and the miracle with steak house GOODMAN! ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 06.12.2013 ]

Happy childhood in GOODMAN

Childhood is a time of carefree happiness and joy, time of magic, when the yellow color is bright yellow, when your cat is older than you, when the trees are living giants, and you can reach the moon by the touch of hand. ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 28.08.2013 ]

Savior of the Apple Feast Day in GOODMAN

Sweetness. A sign of dignity and synonym of pleasure. Ripe fruit, dessert - everything that brings pleasure people called sweet. ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 16.08.2013 ]

Big premiere in GOODMAN!

Capital’s gourmets, businessmen and politicians, who appreciate unique atmosphere and classic American cuisine, long ago felt in love with Kiev steak house GOODMAN. ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 15.08.2013 ]

The holiday with a taste of GOODMAN

One of the most important national holidays is approaching - the Constitution Day of Ukraine. Steakhouse GOODMAN sincerely congratulates you on this day and invites its beloved guests to celebrate June 28 in warm and friendly atmosphere! ...

[ Steak house Goodman / 20.06.2013 ]

New spring menu items at steak-house GOODMAN!

Spring is the time of awakening, bright colors and change. Steakhouse GOODMAN modernized the menu for spring-summer season and wants to invite guests to try new, original and very tasty dishes! ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 19.04.2013 ]

GOODMAN named the best meat restaurant in 2012

Steakhouse GOODMAN has been named a best meat restaurant in 2012 according to the annual ranking of restaurant establishments of Kyiv - "Best Restaurants 2012", which carried portal "Lasoon"! ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 09.04.2013 ]

The best gift is a dinner in GOODMAN!

There are many reasons to give gifts. But often the choice of a suitable surprise it's not an easy task. ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 01.04.2013 ]

Meet Spring in steakhouse GOODMAN!

Last week ends before the beginning of Lent. This is a good time to meet friends, family, beloved ones and have fun! ...

[ Kyiv, Steak house Goodman / 14.03.2013 ]
Positions from 1 till 20 (from 108)
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