Page updated: 06.03.2017
Date of opening: 25.07.2009

Restaurant "Mafia"

Prizewinner of rating "Best restaurants"

Place in rating of attention - 24 (-3)

cuisine — Italian, Japanese

offers of menu — Pasta, Pizza, Sushi menu

price category — Business (100-200 UAH)

discounts — Story, to   10 %

means of payment:
from account MasterCard Visa
Ratings of visitors:

(voted: 349)

(voted: 333)

(voted: 313)

Mafia - a chain of modern democratic restaurants Italian and Japanese cuisine with good service and prices that are available for people with average income. Popular Italian and Japanese dishes from fresh quality products and unique interior and comfortable furniture - these are the main components of the concept of the chain.

Reccomended for:
Banquet, Lunch, Cheerful party, Meeting with friends , Gastronomic trip, Corporate holiday, Visit tourists, Pleasant week-end, Early breakfast, Romantic appointment, Society life, Family visit, Supper at reasonable price, Supper with business partners, Flirtation, Delivery order

  • Booking tables
  • Children holidays
  • Delivery of dinners
  • Delivery of dishes - (044) 377-73-55, (097) 911-26-26, (099) 454-26-26, (093) 033-26-26
  • Delivery of pizza
  • Karaoke - see data of concrete restaurantss
  • Lunches
  • Summer area - see data of concrete restaurantss
  • Sushi delivery
  • Take away meals
  • TV, plasma screen
  • WiFi
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