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Whisky club Imperial
Beware Beware of Scams!!!!.. Illegal operations!!!
Beware of this establishment!! They are running illegal operations to scam tourists by overcharging and falsifying the tab. Then they give a cut to the local women who lure single guys to this restaurant and deny any wrong doing. Watch out for these "fake dates" and avoid these mobsters at Imperial Club if you want to enjoy a dinning experience in Kiev.
29.04.2016 02:18
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Marta Lewis
Entertaining complex Shooters
Veeeery good, guys!
Thanks a lot to all Shooters team. You created amazing atmosphere!)) Advise!
18.03.2016 18:39
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Ivan Dydy, Beginner
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Ivan Dydy
Steak house Goodman
The Best!!
American style fried chicken with cream spinach…mmmm
18.03.2015 15:14
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bot, Expert
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Pub Restaurant Golden Gate Pub
17.03 St.Patrick's Day
Good day! Are you redy? St.Patrick's Day!

Party in the classic green style !!

It will be fun and interesting. The search for the pot of gold coins on the edge of the rainbow.

Goodies and drinks! Music and Dance! Treats and gifts!

Special honors for red cutie in green!

Reserve (044) 235 51 88
17.03.2015 10:27
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Pavel Bulgakoff, Beginner
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Pavel Bulgakoff
Steak house Goodman
Best steaks in town
Typical american steakhoause setting, excellent service and excellent meat cooked to perfection. Goodman wine sauce nice complement. Good variety of salads.
18.11.2014 13:15
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bot, Expert
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Panoramic lounge bar В-hush
31.10 b-hush Emoji Horror Night
There is a Day for all scary Emojis gathering in one place.
And the place is b-hush lounge bar.
Special live HORROR performance from SECRET guest

Philipp Markovich
Jean Gritsfeldt

Hosted by Syvokon
Dress code: freaking scary and bloody

b-hush Emoji Horror Night
31.10.2014 Friday
From 22:00 till dawn

For reservations, please call: +38 067 473 38 02, +38 044 219 1919
27.10.2014 23:52
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bot, Expert
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Welcome to Sunday Brunch at Hilton Kyiv!

12.30 - 16.30

30 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd.

999 UAH per person


+38067 690 23 53 or

24.10.2014 16:51
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s poll, Beginner
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s poll
Restaurant Mexican grill&tequila bar Tequila House
tequila CCQ Comfort Classe and Quality
Once I stepped through the doors of Tequila, I got the feeling that Tequila and Kiev are one.

Beauty, comfort and mystic all combined in one place. Maybe because it is in Podol, the old harbour of Kiev, maybe because of the excellent shisha or hookah... Display completely...
05.06.2014 02:33
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bot, Expert
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Restaurant Teatro
Заседание Гурман-клуба 21 мая
Magic Night 21st May at Opera Hotel
12.05.2014 12:41
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Andzhey Veremyuk, Beginner
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Andzhey Veremyuk
Cafe Linass
Delicious Dinner
We had really delicious dinner in Linas! Specially meat from grill (beef and chicken shasliks) were very tasty. Good quality for reasonable price! I recomend that restaurant!
05.04.2014 21:04
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Restaurant Brewery Prokhodymets
Excellent restaurant
On the 23th of October the first lesson of Floral Design for IWCK members from Iryna VYkhristenko took place in "Prokhodymets" - really nice restaurant at Podil! The atmosphere of event was pleasant and full of joy. Participants (charming Ladiesfrom IWCK... Display completely...
28.10.2013 21:10
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Art-сafe 5 rooms
Nice art on the walls
Pictures of nice naked fat guys hang on the wall :)

P.S. This is great place to spend time with your friends!
15.10.2013 18:52
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Chain оf restaurant Blinoff
Blinoff Obolonе
La première fois, j'étais à Kiev!
Juste un tas d'impressions. Mais c'est très cool qui est arrivé à être dans une telle institution merveilleuse, je tiens à dire un grand merci aux personnes qui y travaillent! Il était très bon, j'ai d'abord découvert... Display completely...
09.06.2013 16:36
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Restaurant La Forchetta
Like it!
La Forchetta - it's as if you sit at the trattoria in Italy. You can guess it in the details of interior, kitchen odors, sounds of music, the quickness of the waiters. La Forchetta has combined two popular areas of restaurant Italian tradition - "restaurant"... Display completely...
30.05.2013 16:34
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Restaurant La Forchetta
orrible smell
bad,we were sitting with the idea of doing a great Italian dinner. But after a few minutes we have begun to feel a strong smell of sewer perhaps coming from the bathroom.....was the end we have decided to get up and look for another restaurant now our dinner was ruined!
21.04.2013 16:14
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Restaurant Sorrento
perfect pizza
finally a new real italian pizza in Kiev, congrats
08.09.2012 19:00
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Restaurant Taki-Maki
I want to express enormous gratitude to the guys, for their smile, caring and quality work.

It is incredibly pleasant to come to you in guests.
26.08.2012 11:23
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Restaurant New Bombay Palace
good food i like eat bombay palacej
12.08.2012 18:57
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Restaurant Roksolana
WARNING, this place is a total ripoff for Westerners. Went there a couple of weeks ago with a Kiev woman I met online. Nothing on the menu was cause for alarm regarding prices; typical chicken, fish, pork, beef. etc. 20 to 30 dollar US dinner prices.... Display completely...
04.08.2012 02:37
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Restaurant Mafia
Very nice and pleasent place where you can have food for good price
29.07.2012 09:51
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Eсo-restaurant Batkivs'ka Khata
Left Backpack
My son left his backpack in this restaurent and now trying to reach them but noone is responding. I treied from US but they did not undertsand Englisdh and hung up. Is this restaurent tourist friendly and will ensure such left baggages are stored safely and send it to the owner?
09.07.2012 16:53
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Eсo-restaurant Batkivs'ka Khata
iPad if your son was found, workers Batkivskoy Hut definitely returned to its owner!

employees of the institution is not responsible for personal belongings site visitors! on that your claim is not justified!
19.12.2012 13:28
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Alexander Koinov
Irish рub O'Brien's
Terrible service!
Terrible service! Today the waitress refused to service of my order - business lunch and offered me to tried much more expensive foods. The main reason was because I had ordered my business lunch at 14.58 but from 15.00 is no lunch time in it. In the restaurant menu and advertisement lunch time in it is from 12.00 till 15.00.
20.04.2012 16:36
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Malcolm MX Taylor
Restaurant Pub Lucky Pub
Lucky Pub
My favourite bar in Kyiv. Nice beer, nice food, nice and helpful staff!! Always have a great time visiting Lucky Pub. Ahh and it is a lucky place as I won Large Meter of Beer in raffle there !!!! LUCKYYYYY!!!!
20.01.2012 19:17
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