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23.09.2014  Steak house Goodman

Children’s animators in steak house GOODMAN


In GOODMAN steak house there is always something to do, especially on weekends for younger guests!

Every Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 till 20:00, the children will have fun with our animator while their parents enjoy a deserved rest!

Every weekend GOODMAN gives a full six hour free time for guests, taking care of the children. Firstly, our menu has the most delicious GOODburger for children - with it you will no longer have problems to feed your child. Secondly, children will always be under the supervision of an animator - he will entertain kids with fun games, contests and surprises.

At this time parents will be able to enjoy the best steaks in Kiev from the marbled beef. Ribeye, New York, Filet mignon are synonyms of pleasure.

Spend a family holiday in GOODMAN steak house!


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