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25.11.2014  Steak house Goodman

VIP-hall in GOODMAN - the best place for a private meeting

If you need to conduct a private business lunch or dinner or confidential meeting choose VIP-hall at GOODMAN steak house.

Designed for connoisseurs of private atmosphere, VIP-hall is a unique oasis for those who are used to get the best.
GOODMAN’s VIP-hall is situated in the heart of business Kiev. It can accommodate up to 10 guests. Now none of the visitors will be able to witness your lunch or dinner. We did the VIP-hall absolutely chamber - especially for high-level meetings.
But the most important, that GOODMAN is a place for those who cannot imagine their lives without the best steaks with rich meat flavor! The cozy atmosphere of a VIP-hall, the high level of service and great food is the best offer to conduct both business and social meetings.

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